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17 February, 2005

Department of Agriculture

The other day I was visited by a memeber of the Department of Agriculture. He came to the door, and asked if I had any pine trees. I said I wasn't sure. After he left, I found out (off my mother) we have two right outside the front door. The guy from the Department of Agriculture walked straight past them in order to ask me if we had any! What sort of people is this Government Department hiring if they can't recognise a pine tree when they are looking for them? He must have missed them because he was looking at the foerest ... um yeah! [Okay, I didn't realise they were there either, but there was a bamboo blind between me and them. At the time I forgot they were there. Still, I am not a biologist nor working for the Depart. of Agriculture! Should they know what they are looking for?]