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09 February, 2005

A bit of Music Stuff

As some of you may know (or don't know), I have an interest in music. (Having played in bands, studios and for theatre companies). Below is a link to some very imaginative instruments. I like the Percy Grainger one myself. Of course, I'll leave the link for you to peruse. Electronic Music 120 years Slashdot had the site listed half a dozen times today (from different people, who all seemed to think that repeatedly listing it would make a difference). At present, I am still struggling to get my old Korg M1 working. The battery replacement was easy. The problem I'm having is getting the factory sounds back in to her. The issues go thus: 1/ Factory defaults are on my Web PC. 2/ Korg attaches to my Sequencer PC. 3/ Web PC cannot connect to Korg! No matter how hard I try it can't seem to find it! Darn! 4/ Factory Defaults cannot copy to Sequencer PC because the Web PC eats floppy disks (damages them never to be usable again!) Later I might either burn it to CD (which is a waste considering the factory defaults are 49kB big. One 700MB CD for just 49kB ... excessively wasteful.) Still, it may prove the only way to go in the future. Here is another link to some music. It's music with a Science Theme. Science Songs Another link I swiped from Slashdot. Thought it was interesting, as when I was doing my Physics Degree (incomplete), I remember the Thermodynamics lecturer mentioning a song regarding someone's second law. (Dag nammit! If only I paid attention to that song, I might have passed the subject! Of course, learning to do partial differentiation might have been more useful.) Back to the topic of yesterday (feet), here is a story about something which happened when I was in seventh grade. The teacher went to the staff room for a while. He came back to the class and informed us that he'd been talking to the Headmaster. Apparently they'd been a break-in on the weekend, where a lot of things had been stolen or vandalised. It was April 1st, so I immediately said it was an April fools joke. The teacher assured us it wasn't. He took us outside and explained that some paint had been spilled, and one of the culprits had left a foot print. It was their right foot, and the print showed they had a scar on the right foot. We were told to immediately take off our right shoe and sock so that the police could come and check our feet. Upon taking our shoes and socks off, I noticed I had a scar on my right foot, from where I'd previously stood on a piece of glass. I told the kid next to me about he scar. I was really scared. What if I got blamed. I explained to the kid I hadn't been the one who broke into the school. I lived fifteen minutes drive from the school, and there was no way I could have got there on the weekend. The kid didn't believe me, and was trying to get the teachers attention to dob me in! (The little bastard!) Luckily the teacher ignored him. It ended up, it WAS an April fools day joke. There'd been no break in. Phew! I learned NOT to trust that kid next to me again. Also, make sure they get a shoe/foot size before they make you take off your shoes and socks. Always refuse if it isn't your foot/shoe size.