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08 February, 2005

First Major Baka Thing I Did This Year

As any of my friends can tell you, I have a habit of doing baka things. (Baka = silly/stupid/dumb in Japanese. Not to be confused with the Taglog Baka which = cow) Well, tonight I dropped my scrambled eggs on my foot. I've been burned more than once before, but normally NOT because of dropping things. I cooked the scrambled eggs in a microwave, so they were piping hot. More hot than if I had of cooked them in a frypan (I think). As I was getting them out of the Microwave, I dropped the container ON MY FOOT! OWWWW~! My mother thought it was funny, because she was sure I was just mucking about. (Oh yeah, chucking my dinner on my foot is a great joke.) Well, I quickly scraped the eggs off my foot and leg, and was trying to get to the bathroom to run my foot under the cold water. My mother, (thinking she knew better) got in my way, trying to drag me to the kitchen tap. Like, as if I could get my foot up to the bloody sink. I wanted to run the bath tap where my foot and the water would be easily accessible to each other. Well, I did get to the bathroom and run the cold water. My foot ended up blistering a bit, but it was mainly small blisters in a few places, and not a great big one. Previous times I've been badly burned: - Malaysia whenI was 6. My face blistered after spending the day out in the sun (that explains my good looks! My real face has been burned away!) People didn't use sun screen in those days. - Adelaide when I was 14. We went on a school excursion to the Gawler pool for the day. Even though I had put sun screen on, my shoulders blistered really bad. My blister popped on the train on the way home, and my shirt stuck to my skin. OUCH. - Sydney when I was 20 or 21. Spent the day over a girls house in her pool (with other friends). Wasn't expecting to be there. Borrowed a friends board shorts, and was only in the sun for a short period of time. Still, my shins blistered really bad. (but none of the rest of me!) A few days later the blisters turned into solid yellow casings for my shins. Eventually, they came off (fell apart - crumbled away - whatever!) My legs don't seem to look any worse for it. - Sydney when I was 33 or 34. Went to an accupuncturist to see if Chinese medicine would help my stomach/intestinal problems. NOPE! Herbs made me violently ill. Tried it twice to make sure ... yep, violently ill! The accupuncturist stuck some needles in me and placed some small round things on the end. He set these small round thing on fire, which burned slowly. One of them landed on my arm, burning a nice ugly mark near my right elbow. My mother is still fuming over this, as I had perfect skin previously. I'm still rather p***ed off by the event, because they guy didn't even apologise. He just made a weird noise and carried on as if nothing had happened. Maybe that's how Doctors avoid malpractice suites, do something wrong, make a funny noise. That makes it all better ... right? Well, tonights effort, was just pure BAKA on my behalf. Just what I needed, some more scars. My left foot copped the most, but my right leg also feels like it got burned, even though I can't see any redness or blisters. Maybe it's sympathy pains for the left foot. Only have myself to blame for tonight. Next time, I have to keep my eyes on the bloody hot container! At least the dogs appreciated my cooking. They got to eat my scrambled eggs. Dogs don't care if foods been all over the floor, or even on my foot. The other pattern I seem to notice, is that when I get injured, people laugh. Okay, sometimes it's me (as in the two cases when I broke my ribs). Other times, it's friends, family and others. Do I look funny when I am in pain? Or do my friends just like to see me suffer? I'm not sure. My ex-wife was more prone to laughing at my pain than anyone. Whenever I pointed out to her, I was hurt and ask if she would please stop laughing, it would make her laugh even more. Hmmm, even now I suspect people are laughing at me! Well, maybe that's just my paranoia. :-) Anyway, I have added even more scars to my already scared up ugly body. I should have just become a slap-stick comedian, no acting required ... just need to be myself and sustain more injuries. :-)