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15 February, 2005

Saya Bukan Seekor Gajah!

Well, today I learned a new saying in Malaysian. Saya Bukan Seekor Gajah. I am not an elephant. It will come in handy if I ever get to play John Merrick (who's real name was Joseph Merrick aka The Elephant man). Provided I am playing the part in either a Malaysian play or film. Chances, virtually zero. I tried to construct the sentence with "Tidak" which means "No", but I should have used "Bukan" which means "Not". So now, I am ready to start telling people what I am not. Saya Bukan Sebiji Rambutan. (And a good thing too!) Saya Bukan Sebiji Durian. (though I smell like one some days! Nah, just kidding.) Saya Bukan Seekor Urang Hutan. (though I might look like one!) :-) In return, the friend who taught me this phrase, got to learn what "You Nong" meant in Aussie English. She'd seen it somewhere, and didn't know it's meaning. Basically, it means "You Idiot" similar to Bodoh in Malaysian. (Thus the common Malaysian saying, "Bodoh Dabido" D'oh!) :-) As I said to her, next time she hears it, she will know what it means, and won't look like a nong! :-) Nong, is usually used for friends, or people in a non hostile sort of a way. Us Aussies use a lot worse language when someone we don't like does something stupid. So "Nong" is a polite sort of word in many respects. Class dismissed (except Melisa who has to stay behind and clean the blackboard!) :-) Also, please leave a comment or two ... or even a message on the message board. My site tracking told me that I received 58 visitors the other day. I am sure they all weren't me (I don't visit myself that often). So, just write something so that I know what you think of the site. (Whether good or bad). Is very off putting to know I have high through traffic and no one says anything. Also, at the bottom of the Side Bar on the right, there is a button to press which has a Map of the world. Place a pin in the Map so I know where you are from! :-) Thanks, Terima Kasih, Doumo Arigato Gozaimasu, Xie Xie, Kamu Bukan Seekor Gajah! :-)