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16 February, 2005

Another Busy Day at the Un-Office

Well, had another busy day. With my youngest brother's Camry in getting fixed, I am driving my mother and youngest brother everywhere. Normally I get to bed between 2 and 4am. Had to get up at 8am this morning to drive my mother over to my sisters house (my mother looks after my sisters kids all the time). I had some things to do myself. I had to get a Birthday present for my younger brother Paul. Plus, I went out on a limb. I actually did some food shopping. One Hundred plus dollars worth. It means my fridge is now full, but I am living in fear of not being able to pay other bills. Need to finish that darn novel, or sell a film script soon, or else rice and water will become a luxury. I got home from shopping to find my youngest brother had locked himself outside his room. Didn't exactly tell me at first. I arrived home to find him playing with string and had the ladder out to get into the loft (which is right in front of my room). So had to squeeze past the ladder to get to my own room. I asked him what he was up to. He wouldn't tell me. He wanted to know how soon it would be before I went out again. I wasn't, I'd got everything I needed in the one shop, so I was home for the rest of the day. Then he confessed what had happened. He'd locked his keys in his room (he stuck a lock on his door because he doens't want anyone knowing he has porn. But of course, our entire family knows he has it.) ... of course, with my history of locking myself out of my homes, I can't call him an idiot. (See Spinning my Wheels - Part 8) I asked him how he was planning to get them out with the ladder and string. Was he plannign on making a hole in the roof or something? No, he was planning on unscrewing the light fitting from the inside of the roof (is that possible?) and lowering the rope down into his room was going to fish the keys out. I told him it was a stupid idea. He then asked if I owned a lock picking set. Huh? Who the *BLEEP* owns lock picks? Well, he said he was just asking, just in case. I then asked him, "Do YOU own lock picks? No? Didn't think so. It's not the sort of thing people have lying around." I asked why he didn't call a locksmith. They cost about $100 to pick the lock. Nah, he didn't want to spend the money. Well, I asked him to get some wire, and we'd see if we could make some and find the instructions off the internet. He told me "No, the packet the lock came in claims it can't be lock picked." Um, why did he want a lock pick set then? Well, he then decided the logical thing to do was to break the handle off the door. After destroying my mother's dressmaking scissors, and then getting her second pair, I suggested METAL TOOLS as a better option. (Plastic handles on the scissors). He used a spanner and some other tools then to break the handle off. So, he got in. He then tried to fix the door handle, alas, it had taken too much of a beating. I was then on my computer, when he came into the room and offered me ten bucks to take him to the hardware store to buy a replacement. He didn't want mum finding out what had happened. I tried to tell him, mum wouldn't care. She'd probably laugh. He insisted that we go to the hardware store. So off we went. He found an identicle handle immediately, and purchased it. He then tried to give me the ten bucks. Nah! Keep it dude! He then asked if we could visit subway on the way home. I agreed. He decided to buy my food in lieu of the ten bucks. :-) [See, people do buy me food!] Well, in the afternoon I had to pick my mother up. So I told her about the funny events of the day. She didn't care, as it's Jeffrey's money. Still, I thought it was a funny. My mother wasn't amused though. Other funny thing my brother mentioned was he had some porn video that he claimed my ex-wife was in. He'd been annoying me for days about it. I kept asking him WHY he was going on and on about it? Eventually, he put the DVD on and froze it at a place which had the womans face on it (and nothing else). He then came and got me to show me the women. So I had a look. Nope, not the right hair colour for my ex. Also, didn't look like her though it was very similar. (After not seeing her for ten years, maybe it was her ... who knows. I don't think I would care if it was). A co-incidental event which took place tonight, was I was searching for videos to tape over (because another Japanese movie was on SBS tonight). I ran into one of my three wedding videos. None of them are marked. The reason there are three videos, is I had two video cameras at the wedding, and my friends made a mix tape of the two (even though they did accidently have some scenes twice). Actually, I think my ex kept the Mixed one. I don't want to tape over the video's as they are the only thing which I have left from the marriage in terms of memories or photo's. My ex wife kept everything else. The wedding photo's, all our holiday photo's and even my picture album from when I was a boy (which had all my baby photo's and stuff in it). At the time, she made the comment that she was trying to destroy my past, in the hope I would kill myself. She said that if I killed myself, people would think she was so beautiful that I couldn't live without her. (Yes, my Ex was rather weird. To call her a nutter might insult nutters everywhere). Well, I am still alive, so I guess that answers that question! [Hint to those who break up with someone. If they leave you, they weren't ment for you anyway. It is better you are without them and can find someone you REALLY should be with. AKA someone who LIKES you enough to stay with you!] (Yes, I know, some of you {my friends at the time} might remember I didn't even date for a few years after because I was so upset ... but hey, I wasn't about to kill myself, dispite rumours spread by my ex and her friends ... members of vulture squad!) The problem with the copies of the tapes I own, is they are slowly disintigrating. If they do fall apart and continue to loose their picture quality, well, too bad. It is still the only link I have to those ten years of my life, so I'd like to preserve a copy somehow. In a way, it isn't live or die sort of stuff, because people in the past only ever had memories to remember thing by anyway (except rich people who could afford portrait painters etc). Yes, by past I am talking over a hundred years ago! So, if I never get them duplicated, it's fine. Still, a copy and back up on DVD would be nice (till blue ray takes over or some other technology to make DVD's obsolete). There are two (or was it four) pictures I did get away with of my Ex. When we were married, she set up a shrine in my computer room (complete with dry flower arrangements and stuff), which she claimed I should worship her at. [I am willing to undertake lie detector tests on this point if you think I am making this or anything else on this blog up. They have some which are supposed to be 100% accurate.] Well, after the marriage breakup, I had those 'shrine' pictures for about a month before she realised they were missing. I got one of my friends to scan them to disk before I gave them back to her. So effectively I got to keep copies of those. Regarding my baby photo's etc, I spoke to lawyers, who basically told me, that as soon as you get married, everything is co-owned. This included my baby photo's etc, so my ex-wife has just as much right to them as I did. They told me, that if I took her to court over them, there was every possibility that the judge would rule in her favour, and I'd be left with the court costs, lawyer costs, and no baby photo's. Thus, a lot of pictures of me when I wa a baby, (which also have no negatives) are in the hands of my ex-wife (though she did tell me that she gave the album to her mother ... so hopefully, her mother has not destroyed them). My own mother has since made some photo's from the few negatives she had, so I do have some baby photo's. One day, I might even stick some on this site ... if I decide I want to scare everyone! hee hee.