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13 January, 2005

Not Much Ado About Anything (and a little to do with writing).

Called todays rant, "Not Much Ado About Anything", as I had a series of things I was going to write about, but then decided not to. Just going to provide an update on the life of a starving artist. Well, I am really running low on food again. I borrowed a loaf of bread from my mother, and finished off what little I had left of my margarine. I've also been avoiding eating breakfast and dinner, which means one lunch time meal of rice at the moment. Adding ice to my water makes it more tolerable. Wednesday night, I got through a lot of my screenplay and found out how to get OpenOffice to format it correctly for me. Previously, I had been doing a lot of manual work to get the formatting correct. The dialogue needs to sit in the middle of the page correctly with it aligned to the right. Hope this example works so you know what I mean:

BOB Hey! This is where the character speaks! And if it wanders to the next line, you have to have it sitting in the right spot.

The dialogue is more indented than the rest of the screenplay (with exception of which character is speaking). Previous to my little discovery, whenever I changed what was said, I had to manually re-align it all. Now OpenOffice is doing it for me. I should take a better look at OpenOffice, as I know I am not using most of the functions it has. I'd like to set it up so that I just need to hit a button to have it format it all in the correct way. Screenplay's use specific formating depending on what is being done. Unfortunately, after a good writing session Wednesday, I got tied down in other things yesterday. So nothing was written, though I was still pretty much inspired. Today, hopefully, I'll get stuck into it again. This screenplay (like most of them) I am finding pretty easy to write, and I think I might try to turn it into a novel. I'm enjoying the interplay between the different characters.