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16 December, 2004

First Post

Well, here is the first post of my new Blog. What did I do today? Well, just painting. More fantasy stuff. I love fantasy and Science Fiction art. It's a good thing to paint. I read 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' when I was still in school, and have never looked back. At present, I like to read Terry Pratchet's Discworld Novels. I think they are very clever. I need to spend more time writing though. I have to get my novel finished, so I can send it to the publishers. Nothing worse than not completing a project on time and starving because of it. Well, I've been relaxing all week, due to getting my nose fixed. I have broken my nose four times (five counting the Doctor fixing it). First time I was hit in the face by a door. I was trying to do a good deed for someone, and somehow, the door missed my feet and hit my nose. Must be a big nose! hee hee. Second time was at Karate. We were doing combat, and one of the five people chosen to attack me didn't bow first. As I came up from my bow, I was hit in the face. Third time was playing hockey. Stick to the face. Lots of fun. Blood everywhere. Only problem was, I got hit by my team mate, and the other team scored. Everyone on the sidelines told a guy on the other team it was him, so he kept apologising to me. I kept telling him it wasn't him. In the end, I got tired of trying to tell him, so I told him it wasn't a problem ... all was forgiven. lol Some people just won't accept they're not to blame! Fourth time was playing American Football. My flatmate at the time hit me with his shoulder. BANG! Blood everywhere. Hee hee. He felt really bad, but I was fine. So, now the Doctor has broken it to try to fix the inside. The outside still looks the same. I just can't breathe through my nose at present. Difficult at night when I am trying to sleep though. Always waking up with a very dry mouth, or needing to pee, because I drink so much. All that breathing through the mouth makes me thirsty. Well, at present I have a few projects on the way. Novels: a.Science Fiction. b.Dramatic (ie Literature type thing, partially biographical). Art: a.Fantasy. b.Nudes. c.Science Fiction. d.Modern. Movies: a.Fantasy (ten parts ... anyone want to make them?) b.a Trilogy about a rock band. c.Some Science Fiction as well on the way. Studying: a.CCNA. b.Computer Science Degree. Should finish CCNA soon and start on CCNP. (CCNA & CCNP are Cicso Networking Certifications). Music: In Hiatus at present. Not writing, entering contests, or playing in any bands. Might start recording later on. Need more time to devote to this. Study and Writing are taking first priority). I guess that's all for my first Blog. Will write more when more happens I guess.