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24 December, 2004

Night Before Xmas

Yep! It's the night before Xmas. I signed up for a MUD today. Just because I've never played one before, and spent a lot of the day working out how it all works. My nose is still very tender on the end. But otherwise breathing is rather normal. As long as I do not touch it, it will be fine .. I hope! hee hee. A friend of mine was going a bit berserk on Yahoo, asking me if I wanted to see a pic of her naked and some other things. She admitted she liked me and stuff. Rather weird, because she seemed totally drunk and her spelling was really bad. The poor thing. I wonder what set her off. OH well, hopefully she is Okay today. I will try and see if she is Okay, but I have no way oh ensuring she will answer her yahoo. Not really much to report. Might return to doing some painting tonight. Tomorrow is Xmas day. Not really doing much except playing games with my youngest brother and mother. Probably Cluedo and Scrabble, with possibly Star Traders thrown in for good measure. Merry Xmas everyone. Happy New Year if I do not see you before then.