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21 December, 2004

Post Nose Operation

Well, I woke up this morning, and found I was able to breathe through my left nostril. A big bonus after breathing through the mouth for so long. I regained the ability to breathe through the right nostril a few days ago. So, now both nostrils are available, but still, I don't have 100% in either yet. So the mouth still get used a lot for air. Spent yesterday working on my Science Fiction (SF) novel. Ran into a bit of a block, so went to work on some of my poerty, then stopped. Then was writing the third part in my Rock Band Trilogy of screen plays. Still haven't written the first one, so a long way to go there. Second one was finished in November last year. Hard to believe I haven't finished a screen play since then. Funny thing is, I finished two in November 2003. So starting on the third one this month was something I hadn't done for a long while. I guess I was very busy studying earlier for the Computer Science Degree. That will start again soon. Since last writing, my beloved Linux box has died a dogs death. R.I.P. Little Linux box. The Hard Drive controller has gone on it, and it's such an old Compaq machine, I doubt I will ever find a replacement part. I arrived in Perth a year and a half ago with six computers. Now I am down to three. Very sad. Everything breaks. I spent the weekend putting one of the other boxes back together and trying to get my Linux hard drive to work on another one of the machines I have. Sad, but it is too advanced for either of the old Pentiums I own, and the XP machine just doesn't like the linux drive. When I can afford it, I'll have to get another machine and stick Linux on it myself. It means, when I do my University work next semester, I will be doing it by telneting into the University computer. I'm loosing a bit of weight, because all I've had to live off is rice and water at the moment. Money has been scarce due to my Doctor's bills. In fact, twice this month, I received $38 fee's from my bank for being overdrawn. I have asked in the past and once again via e-mail yesterday to see if some credit can be placed on the account. That way, I only need to pay the interest on the amount overdrawn, rather than the fee. I've paid over $200 in fees this year. Guess that's what makes being a starving artist so exciting. If it was easy, then they wouldn't call us "starving artists", they'd call us, fat artists, or rich artist ... or fat rich artist. Oh, well. Three days till my friend Lillian's Birthday, and four till Xmas. I guess I better get back to the writing. The sooner I finish something, the soooner I have something to sell. Then once I sell it, I can eat. WOO HOO! Food here I come!