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28 December, 2004

Things to Do in the New Year

Here I am back on the web after an eventful Xmas. Xmas day I received 'The Sims' Deluxe Edition. My youngest brother Jeffrey and I played it straight till tonight, when he decided he needed sleep before work tomorrow. (What a wimp!) Actually, I might get some sleep too tonight. I want to return to study tomorrow. Maybe if I approach life as if it were a role playing game I might get more successful at it. (I know, you are wondering, "What do you mean by that?" Ever played a Role Playing game (example AD & D, Aftermath, Traveller etc) and found that it was unrealistic, because you could just treat your character as though they have no social life? You get them to just do things to train them and bring up their stats. Well, if you have, then you know what I am talking about. Otherwise I might sound a bit crazy. Or is that Crazier!) Well, in "The Sims" the characters need a social life, so they are a lot different to Role Playing characters and more realistic to real life. Getting back to the point I was going to say. At present I have some time on my hands (when I say some, I never seem to be able to find enough of it. So really I have none), but I thought, this time in my life, is a good time to get lot of unfinished projects finished. (Actually, I hate NOT having unfinished projects around, because when I have them, I feel I have something to look forward to doing ... or avoiding in some cases). Of course, first on the list is that darn elusive Novel I am still writing. Only I thought, let's give up playing computer games (after 3 days straight and little to no sleep, "The Sims" is starting to wear a bit thin. So being sick of playing games might be a good thing) So, I might write a BIG list of unfinished projects, and then select things to concentrate on doing, and doing well. (and getting my skill sets up in them). So, making my own little list of things I have to finish doing, might be nice. I think I might start it off here: 1/ That darn elusive NOVEL! 2/ Japanese 3/ CCNA 4/ Paintings (I have a few which are like, 90% finished ... and have been that way for ... about a year or more!) 5/ Diet 6/ Fitness. (I chuck the diet and fitness in as I think it might be better to look at them as an on going project which never ends!) lol Of course, the MAIN philosophy behind this idea (in order to make it work), is that when the FUN is reduced in life to zip, you get cranky etc. So in order to make it fun, you think of the list of self improvement ideas in the same way as you might think of the list of stats on your role playing character. So it BECOMES the game. (I think a lot of Stock market guru's are good at their jobs, because they ENJOY making money. It is like a game to them. So by making self improvement a game, hopefully I will get some fun out of it, while avoiding doing anything that may distract me. Like playing computer games ... which are fun!) lol Other news, a Tsunami has hit many places in the Indian ocean. At present, I am worried, as I have many friends in Penang who I have not heard from. Also, one of my friends went to the Maldives for a holiday, and the news tonight said a lot of the tourists were out on Coral Atolls which were just swamped under the water! (My friend in the Maldives is from India. I am wondering if there was a way for her to avoid this disaster. If she stayed home, she would have been hit ... going on holiday had the same result.) Actually, she was probably in a worse area than if she stayed home. At least in India she may have been in a part unaffected by the Tsunami. I'm not sure if they are sensationalising things on TV now, because they are saying 29,030 people are confirmed dead, and 30,000 more are missing. With the possibility of more people they didn't know about being missing. They reported tonight a tourist spot which they hadn't previously counted, as the road to it had been washed away. Now they have got through to the resort, and found everyone there had died. Some because they couldn't get aid to them, as they didn't even now the location had been affected. I guess that's all for now. The New Year is coming up soon, so my mother will be starting her diet ... again ... and so will my youngest brother. I must be the only person in the family on a diet for allergy reasons and NOT weight loss reasons!