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04 March, 2005

Younger Brother's Gift

Last weekend was my Younger Brother Pauls B'day party (as opposed to Youngest Brother, Jeff, whom I often mention). He demonstrated an ability I didn't know existed on the plant (but apparently does). He claimed he could tell whether the ear piece (on some headphones) was the left or right based on any Van Halen track. So we tested him. We gave him a random ear piece, which he then stuck in his ear without seeing it. We then played a Van Halen track and he told us whether it was the Left or Right side of the track. As a musician, I know most engineers mix the drum tracks as though they are sitting directly behind the drums - the hi hats will be more to the left, the bass drum and floor toms to the right etc etc. I think any sound engineer could possibly use this method, provided they know the tracks well enough, to tell whether they were listening to left or right side. My brothers method was this - the sound engineers stick Eddie's guitar tracks more to the right side of the music (as Eddie's guitar apparently comes through the right side more at concerts ... or so they say ... might be left for the audience! Who knows!) So, my younger brother Paul, was able to tell with 100% accuracy which ear piece it was based on that method. Admittedly, Van Halen is his favourite band. As an adendum to yesterdays "memories", I still have my useless Science Degree sitting behind me and don't know what to do with it. It was too big to stick into one of my folders. Too useless to use even as toilet paper. What to do, what to do! lol Maybe use it as a firestarter in winter with my Theology Certificates, Marketing Certificate and programming Certificates! Thet'll keep us warm! lol [Not to mention my Bachelor of Orientation Degree! Bwahahahaha! Wonder what that's worth! Bwahahahahah!] Oh, and here is a link (courtesy of my friend Mami - aka Sara from Japan) to a Live Cam at Hawaii's Duke Kahanamoku Statue. Of interest to me as I've been to Hawaii. I actually went looking for the sheet music for the song "Duke Kahanamoku" while I was there for a fellow musician. Couldn't find it!