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02 March, 2005

Mating Humbacks.

Not the greatest pictures of mating humpbacks in the world. (Those two dark shapes in the water are Humpback whales) Actually, they probably weren't mating, they were probably resting after having a good shag. Humpback whales come into the Great Australian Bight to mate, give birth and raise their calves. Actually, this photo might have been of a mother and calf now that I think about it. There was one mother and calf I saw that day, and a heap of other humpbacks who were either giving birth or mating or doing something. Which reminds me of a story. I once mentioned Sperm Whales in front of a singer from one of my bands. He got really indignant because I'd used the word SPERM. I explained that "Sperm Whale" is not a dirty word. I gave an example. The book "Moby Dick" was about a Sperm Whale. He then took offence that I'd used the word "DICK" claiming I was being disgusting and making things up. I tried to explain the differnet types of whales. Yes, I mentioned Humpbacks! Yes, apparently I was still being disgusting as I mentioned HUMP. He probably thought Blue Whales had to do with Blue Movies, and goodness knows what he thought an Orca was!!!! :-) Posted by Hello