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02 March, 2005

The Three Amigo's.

My Three Amigo's from Sydney. From left to right, Steve, Rizaldy and Corey. Steve was my team leader back when I was a Network Engineer. Rizaldy was NOT a famous Brazilian soccer player (no matter how many people I tried to convince otherwise!). He was our contractor in the Networking Department. Corey was the Systems Architect ... which means he told jokes all day I think. Something like that. Corey is originally from Perth. Normally you could find us either in Lola's (aka Sweeneys) or the Zambezi Bar. (No link to the Zambezi Bar - they used to be attached to Wanderers on Kent, but the website appears to be gone). Corey and I have VIP membership at Sweeney's, where we deliberately chose card numbers 0110 and 0111, so that we could be "6" [Corey] and "7" [Me]. (Geeks will understand what that means!) Steve and Rizaldy also have VIP Membership there - just not binary ones as far as I know. We also won the Trivia Jackpot there ($1000) once. [All thanks to me, because I do a lot of teamwork! cough! cough! Um, yeah!] :-) Zambezi was nice too. I liked when we would be the last people there, and we'd be watching Cartoon Network on the big screen. Even though there wouldn't be any sound, if something like Neon Genisis Evangelion was on, Corey could give us a running commentary as to what was happening. Corey, Rizaldy and Myself have (I think we still have it) the record for drinking two and a half bottles of Ballantynes Scotch in one sitting while there. [Not including some free shooters they gave us ... probably for paying for their wages for the month!] We never could quite break the three barrier, but I was probably holding the guys back, as I'm not a big drinker. I was also nicknamed "Tail End Charlie" as I used to drink a bit slower than everyone else. [Corey was nicknamed "Point" as he usually drank a little faster than the rest of us]. Posted by Hello