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01 March, 2005

Kangaroo Damage - Side View.

Kangaroo Damage2. Side view of the car where the suicidal roo did it's fateful leap into the next world. The poor Radiator was punctured. Something about this car that attracts damage. One month after I bought it brand new, I arrived back from work (At 1 AM mind you), to find someone had jumped up and down on the roof, totally squashing it. That was $4000 worth of damage. Then a bus ran into the back of it, and drove off. (Never had that repaired). Then my flatmate at the time, hit a gate and dented the side. She then refused to pay to have it repaired (so that's never been repaired either). Then the bloody Kangaroo attacked us for no reason! Still, it runs very well, and I am pleased that mechanically I haven't had the sorts of problems I used to have with the old Corolla.Posted by Hello