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01 March, 2005

Just another week.

Well, started the week badly. University started again this week, and I still don't have the text book, and the first assignment is from the textbook. My textbook is still two weeks away, which means I'll have about three days to read the first three to four chapters and complete the assignment! Blah! Still, I've always found the impossible easier to acheive than the possible (which I always put off till the last minute and rush in a bad attempt). So, I'll look on it as a good thing. :-) My youngest brother got his car back after having it repaired for the last two weeks. Means I am no longer the family chauffer. His car (which my mother uses pretty much all the time) apparently runs beautifully and both Mother and Brother are happy with the results. The WAMi festival was on last week. A good time for us musicians to meet and network. Alas, my tickets arrived halfway through the festival, and the day with things on I wanted to attend was also the day my brother and brother in-law decided to hold their combined B'day parties. So didn't go this year. Pity, would have been nice to have networked. Hinamatsuri (Japanese Doll Festival) is on 3rd of March. Probably won't attend any of the showings in Perth. I might try to convince my youngest brother to go with me to a Japanese Film showing at WA University next week. I've always wanted to see the film. I'd love to know a good video store which stocks Japanese video's in Perth. One of the ones up the road has a lot of Anime, but they never seem to work, so we gave up hiring from them. There's also a BBQ being held in Kings Park on Friday night for those interested in Japanese Culture. If I can convince my brother to attend it with me, then I might go, otherwise, I have plenty of other things to do. My mother is always too tired when we do Italian at 7:30 PM, so have moved her lessons to 6-6:30 PM so that she won't complain all through the lesson. :-) Means we finish in time for more interesting T.V. anyway.