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05 March, 2005

Out of the Sun!

That hot sun is burning my nuts man! The beginning was my favourite part of the sky dive. You basically fall forward out of the plane, hang upside down a bit to get some speed up, then flatten out for the remainder of the dive. Just to the right of the sun, you can see the aeroplane (dark shape). The funny thing was, as I watched the plane zoom away, it reminded me of all those cartoons where someone does a sky dive. (Such as Disney's "Duck Tales" and such). It leads me to believe that the cartoonists who draw some of those stories have a bit of sky diving experience (or got Disney to foot the bill for "research" into what it looks like when you sky dive!) I can't wait to go for another sky dive - though I must admit, I got a bit bored with it on the way down. Not much you can do except DROP towards the earth.Posted by Hello