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05 March, 2005

14,000 feet straight down? No sweat!

Laughing before the jump. 14,000 feet straight down - 60 second free fall. No sweat! I ws looking forward to the jump. It ended up being slightly disappointing, as I never got the "adrenalin rush" people have told me about. Maybe I had too much faith in my own indistructability. Or Maybe just faith that the guy strapped to my back didn't have a death wish, and would pull the chord! The Photographer (who also shot the Video for me) kept telling me I was crazy, leaping out of a perfectly good working aeroplane! He was a pretty funny guy! My flatmate at the time claimed she could tell I was "scared" - which I found hard to beleive (what was there to be scared about?). I think she was projecting her own fear onto what she was seeing. Do I look scared? One of my other previous flatmates saw the video, and said he was impressed because at no time did I look scared, and he claimed he was looking for it in my face and didn't see it. Posted by Hello