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07 March, 2005

Some Drummer Jokes

Thought I would include a picture of the drummer from Spyke. Cool pic. Now, some Drummer jokes: (You knew they were coming one day!) [CAVEAT: None of these jokes reflect in any way any drummer I have ever worked with. Ha ha! Who am I kidding? Anyway, I have nothing to fear, they're drummers, they can't read!] --------------------------------------------------- A guy walks into a shop.

"You got one of them Marshall Hiwatt AC30 amplificator things and a Gibson StratoBlaster guitar with a Fried Rose tremulo?"

"You're a drummer, aren't you?"

"Yeah! How did you know?"

"This is a travel agency." --------------------------------------------------- What do you get if you cross a drummer with a gorilla?

A really dumb gorrilla! (Who still can't keep time!) --------------------------------------------------- Johnny says to his mom, "I want to be a drummer when I grow up!"

Johnny's Mom replies, "But Johnny, you can't do both." --------------------------------------------------- Q: What do drummers get on IQ tests?

A: Drool. --------------------------------------------------- Did you hear about the guitarist who was going to a gig and locked his keys in the car? It took him two hours to get the drummer out. --------------------------------------------------- A drummer, tired from ridicule decides to learn how to play some "real" musical instruments. He goes to a music store, walks up to the sales clerk and says, "I'll take that red trumpet over there and the accordian."

The store clerk looks at him funny and replies, "OK, you can have the fire extinguisher but the radiator's got to stay". --------------------------------------------------- Two reasons Drum Machines are better than Drummers: 1/ The Drum machine can stay in time and doesn't sleep with your Girl Friend. 2/ Drum machines you only punch the information in once. --------------------------------------------------- An anthropologist goes to study natives on an exotic tropical island. As the boat nears the island, he notices the constant sound of hundreds of flutes. As he gets off the boat, he asks the first native he sees how long before the flutes stop. The native looks about very nervous and replies "very bad when the flutes stop."

At the end of the day, the flutes are still going and is starting to get on his nerves. So, he asks another native when the flutes will stop. The native looks as if he's just been reminded of something very unpleasant. "Very bad when the flutes stop," he says, and runs away.

After days with no sleep, the anthropologist is finally fed up, grabs the nearest native, slams him up against a tree, and shouts "What happens when the flutes stop?!!"

"Drum solo." --------------------------------------------------- And once, at band camp ...

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