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25 February, 2005

My old band "Living Proof"

The backs of heads at a "Living Proof" concert. Yes, that little yellow thing on stage is one of the band. See how many we could pack in. That's a lot of people who came to witness the "Living Proof" accident on stage ... well, when I say accident, I am talking about the band. I think I was on bass at this stage. (Might have been on keyboards/second guitar - can't remember). Yes, I am a has-been! Bloody has-beens, always talking about their stupid glory days! Hopefully the crowd were canting "Liv-ing Proof! Liv-ing Proof!" and not "Live-in Poofs! Live-in Poofs!" But, you never know. Actually, I thought they were canting "Bug-ger off! Bug-ger off" Oh well! All in a days work. :-)Posted by Hello