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04 February, 2005

Spinning My Wheels – Part Nine

After giving notice, I had a month to get myself organised. By this time, my friend Greg had me going to the same church as most of my friends from school. I'd started going there about seven or eight months before I moved out.

I didn't have the greatest reception there though. The first time I ventured along to Friday Night Fellowship (FNF)*, a guy came up to me and told me he knew who I was, and claimed I was a known car thief. Huh?! At this stage in my life, I couldn't even drive. It wasn't a great start to church life.

*For those who do not go to church, FNF is where the youth used to go and do activities such as ten pin bowling, or tennis or a movie and such. Basically, any group activity organised by the Youth leaders.

It didn't help me, when I saw this guy sitting whispering to others and pointing at me. I'd already told him I couldn't drive, yet he was trying to spread this rumour he knew me. A few other people came and spoke to me about it later, and I explained to them I couldn't drive. First night at Fellowship, and already I was being persecuted. (By those who should know better mind you!)

One of the strangest reactions, was a lot of girls suddenly took interest in me. I assume it was because they wanted to change the 'bad guy' into a 'good guy' type thing. Their only problem was, I wasn't the person they all wished I was. Unfortunately, this bad start would haunt me for the five years I remained at this church, and some people would attempt to make the lies follow me to the next church.

Ignorance might be bliss, but what about the state in between, knowing and being ignorant. I knew people were talking about me. Occasionally someone would make some comment to me as though I knew what they were talking about. (Usually regarding something 'bad' I had supposedly done in my life). So I knew they were telling lies about me. Just most of the time, I didn't know what it was. Maybe it is better that I never know.

It came to a head when I was invited over a girls place with a group of people. We'd had a church activity which included a midnight service (or midnight mass as some would call it), and I'd arrived home very late at night (actually, morning). Later that day, Greg picked me up in his car, and we went down to Cronulla. I was out back, basically sleeping on the back lawn (yes, I was tired), when an argument occurred inside. Apparently, the girls father didn't want “people like me” being in or near his house. Greg, who had known me since school stood up for me. Meanwhile, I was still sleeping on the back lawn, ignorant of the fight. Greg stormed out of the back door and told me to get my stuff, as we were going home. I was a bit confused, but grabbed my stuff. On the way home, Greg explained what had happened.

To this day, I am unsure “what sort of person” I was supposed to have been that got me thrown out. I know the guy was in the wrong. Neither Greg nor I ever got an apology from him, but it didn't bother me much. (Actually, I've never been given an apology for any of the rumours that circulated around that church. I know some are still circulating. I guess people like to stick to the comfort of their own mistakes). Well, I was pretty impressed with my friend Greg. He'd taken a bullet (in the figurative sense) for me. You can't ask much more from a friend.

Whatever rumours were circulating about me, they had certainly taken root. I have no doubt they were probably getting wilder by the minute too.

In the meantime, the problems back at the flat were occurring, which culminated in everyone deciding to leave. Suddenly I found myself with a month to move, and I needed somewhere to move to. I started asking around at church. A friend of mine Squid (not his real name), informed me that a guy named Brett was looking for a flat. He gave me a big spiel about what a great guy he was. There is something I can tell you though, if you've never lived with someone, you really don't know what they are like (and even then, unless you have been in their head, it's still impossible to tell). Well, after Sunday Company (Sunday school for teenagers), a guy named Brett (Brett G) approached me. He told me Squid had told him I was looking to move down Cronulla way. Not realising it was the wrong Brett, I agreed to get a flat with him. At the time, this Brett G was only fifteen. (Which is too young to move out of home).

Then afterwards, the other Brett (Brett M) approached me. Now I suddenly had two Bretts. The solution seemed easy to me. We get a flat for all three of us to move into. Easy solution? Not quite.

We went flat hunting (the three of us). We didn't find anything for three people. One day, I was told that Brett M had found a flat for us. So we organised to sign the lease on the Saturday morning when the real estate would be open. Due to the way things were happening, I ended up paying the entire bond (because the others couldn't afford it). We agreed Brett M would handle the money. So I gave it all to him. Bad mistake.

It came the Saturday to sign the lease. I got down to Cronulla outside the flat (I had only seen it from the outside), and found the two Bretts there. Only, they told me they'd signed the lease the day before. I was pretty furious. It was my bond, yet I was the only person NOT on the lease! Damn it!

In the meantime, I had discovered that Brett G was too young to move out of home. He'd been through a rough time. He and his father had been members of the Maharaji sect (cult, whatever you wish to call it). They'd both been heavily into Marijuana. Those familiar with the properties of that substance knows that it can have some pretty harmful effects. In the case of Brett and his father, it made them susceptible to bouts of extreme paranoia. During one of these bouts, Bretts father thought he was being chased by the devil, and to get away from him, he gassed himself in his VW Beetle.

Brett G had then been handed over to his mother and Step Father. Another problem existed. His mother was dying of cancer. That's when I basically approached by him. After finding out his situation, I'd agreed to sign a form where I would become his legal guardian. The form never eventuated, so I never actually became the legal guardian. It meant, however, I was paying for his food, and paying his rent. So instead of each of us paying thirty dollars rent, I was paying sixty a week. That's a lot when only getting $208 a week and also paying for food for two people, and paying for University. Still, I am pretty good with money, and was able to save.

There was another problem with the lease. It specifically stated only two people could occupy the dwelling. As the other two had signed it, officially & legally, I was not allowed to be there. Then we had to buy furniture. I paid for the refrigerator, plus other furniture. Brett G came with his own bed and cupboards. Brett M decided, he didn't want to share a room with Brett G (as was originally discussed) and decided he was going to use the lounge room as his bedroom. It was the beginning of a lot of problems. We only lasted three months there, but somehow when you live with anyone weird they can make the pain last a lot longer. Brett M would find a way to make it last longer.